Ankle Sprain Rehab with Bands

Resistance Band Workouts For Ankle Sprain Rehab.

Ankle injuries are a common setback that, in most cases, gets treated by a few exercises. There is no right time as the body responds at different rates depending on the person. However, a minimum of three days is enough for you to rest and manage the pain with medication. Resistance bands are a perfect tool to build strength and rehabilitate this wounded area. The level of resistance matters, and in this case, it is safer to start with the least. Read on to find out more about the recommended exercises and how you should do them.

Band Push.

Sit stably on the floor and stretch out your legs. Your toes should be aiming at the roof. Slightly elevate the injured leg by placing a rolled towel below the knee. The purpose of this move is to get your heel off the floor. Secure both ends of the resistance band concurrently then use the foot to create another point of attachment. The resistance band should be precisely at the ball of your foot. In a calculated move, advance your ankle slightly in the forward direction as if you are pointing something using your toes then return to the original position. Hold for twenty seconds then make repetitions at least ten times.

Band Pull.

Secure one end of the resistance band on a stable object at the level of your ankle. Sit on the floor with your legs straight out facing the anchor. Make a loop that can fit your toes then hook the band. Ensure there is some tension on the equipment to allow your ankle to face a challenge. Slowly start pulling away the resistance band using the foot. Your thigh and body should not move at any given time. Hold for ten seconds then revert to the original state. If you want to achieve better results with this move, pull the band, halt in the middle then slightly move the leg forward. However, if you experience any pain, then you should stick to the first movement.

Band Up.

Secure the resistance band on an anchor in a position to the exact level of your ankle. Find a stable sitting place and position your feet towards the object. Secure the other end at the middle-upper part of the injured foot. Allow for some tension if you want to achieve more strength. The only part of your foot touching the floor should be the sole. Slowly start pulling your foot to get your toes to point in your direction. Be gentle all through. Once it reaches this point, hold for ten seconds, then return to your starting position. The goal of this move is to work on the muscles at the top part of the ankle. Repeat twenty times, then take a break.

Band Down.

Secure the centre of the resistance band using the foot with the injured ankle. Ensure the toes are facing straight up. Hold the other ends using both hands and make a slight move to create some tension on the resistance band. It should not be too tight; otherwise, you will hurt yourself more. The sole should stay in position; since any slight movement will interfere with the angling. Press your foot down into the resistance band. Your aim should be to try and touch the ground using the toes. Hold for ten seconds, then go back to the starting position. The workout focuses on the muscles at the back of your ankle. Repeat around twenty times.

The severity of ankle sprains vary, and in all cases, you should first seek medical attention. Your doctor will then direct you on how to manage the situation. Resistance band exercises are an effective method since they also prevent the re-occurrence of the same issue.