Best Exercise Band Routines for the Elderly

Best Exercise Band Workouts for Elderly

Best Resistance Band Exercises For The Aged

Who said that growing old means that you cannot work out? Work out is not limited to anyone. Everyone can get in shape as long as they wish to. It all starts in mind. This is then depicted in the actions that you take afterwards. Have you ever come across older people jogging around your neighbourhood? How does it make you feel, especially if you are a youth? It makes you feel challenged, right? It is essential for older people to per take in any form of exercise that is not too strenuous. They should be active because, at this time and age, they feel very idle.

Resistance bands are effective when it comes to intensifying endurance and strength in the muscles. Hence it will improve their muscle strength. You are aware that when people age, their muscles tend to waste away and become weak. That is why resistance training will be a good option. You could also start working out now so that when you get older, you will already have a basis, and you will not have to struggle as such. The points that follow show the best resistance band exercises that are suitable for the seniors in the society, and they can help combat osteoporosis.

Safe & Effective Resistance Bands Exercises for Seniors

Chest Pull. If you decide to do it while standing or sitting, it does not matter. However, if you choose to sit, you will require to sit on a steady chair. Remember that you are exercising so your sitting position matters. Ensure that your back is straight. Do not lie on the seat-this is because the goal will not be achieved. Hold the resistance band with your hands. Position your hands in front of your chest and make sure that your elbows are bent. Do not worry if your band is too long! You can always fold it twice to increase the tension in your muscles. As you bring it towards your chest, you will have to breathe out, not forgetting to straighten your hands. After exhaling, you will inhale and reduce the pressure of the bands.

Bicep Curl. You will put the band at the sole of you feet. Ensure that your feet are flatly positioned on the floor. From there, you will hold the resistance band with both hands and pull it towards your chest. Afterwards, you will go back to the initial position. This is very easy! Do up to 10 to 15 times. Also, the option of seating or standing is yours to decide.

Chest Press. Here you place the resistance band behind your shoulders, and you grasp it with your hands at the ends. Stretch your hands to the front and then you start from the initial position. Do that on a repeat. There are also options for doing it while standing or sitting.

The above exercises can aid in strength training of the aged-you could consider engaging your grandparents or parents in this activity. It will keep them occupied and strong. You can get these strength training bands at affordable prices. Purchasing them will not leave your pockets empty. Also, you can give them a hand where they are going to get stuck. Remember, they are not as strong as they were before.