Canoeing Resistance Band Training

The Top Resistance Band Exercises For Canoeing

There are many resistance band exercises for canoeing that you can perform.

However, we’ve chosen the top exercises you should perform regularly. With that said, a few of the best resistance band exercises for canoeing are as followed:

Front Shoulder Raises
To start this exercise, you want to stand on the band. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, and you should hold the band as if you were holding two dumbbells by your side. Once you’re in position, you’ll slowly raise your arms forward until they are outright and even with your shoulders. Squeeze for a second or two before lowering back down to the starting position for one rep.

This exercise will strengthen your shoulders. Canoeing requires a tremendous amount of shoulder strength. So, make sure front shoulder raises are a staple of your resistance band workout.

Shoulder Presses
Another good exercise to do is shoulder presses, which are performed the same way as any other type of shoulder press. The only difference is you stand on the resistance band and then press with the bands. If standing is too uncomfortable for you, then don’t worry. Feel free to do seated resistance band shoulder presses.

The reason you want to do shoulder presses with resistance bands is because the exercise is considered to be the king of all shoulder exercises. Shoulder presses trains all three heads of the shoulders, and strengthens them. As your front, mid-delt and rear-delt become stronger, your paddling abilities will improve.

Perhaps the best exercise to do for canoeing are resistance band rows, which can be performed seated or standing. Rows target your rear-delts and upper-back muscles, which play a crucial role in canoeing. You use a lot of upper-back power when you’re paddling, which is why rows should be performed regularly.

All you have to do is wrap the band around an object, such as a tree, pole or something else that is sturdy. Next, grip the band and stand back a bit. Hold the band close close together and outwards and level with your chest. Next, start pulling the band towards your chest and then hold and squeeze your upper-back muscles at the point of contraction.

Side Shoulder Raises
Let’s not forget to mention side shoulder raises, which are easy to do, but can improve your paddling power and stamina by a lot. Start off as if you were going to perform a front shoulder raise. Instead of moving your arms outwards and upwards, you’ll simply raise your arms slowly to the side. The point of contraction is when your arms are leveled with your shoulders, so once you reach that point hold the position for a second or two before returning to the starting point.

Resistance Band Training for Canoers

When to comes to resistance band exercises for canoeing, the above are a few of the top you should be doing. As a general rule of thumb, you should train at least 4-5 times per week, since you’ll be doing resistance band exercises. As time goes by, you’ll become stronger and this will come in handy out on the water.