Resistance Band Exercises for Hurling & Camogie

Band Exercises for Hurling & Camogie – Speed & Strength

Hurling is a tremendous game of speed and skill, but with that comes a lot of stress on your joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments and bones and that is why an intelligent strength training program that involves the use of resistance bands can be so valuable for hurling players, looking for a long and injury-resistant career.

Hurling really does challenge your whole body, and places stress loads on every part of you from your neck and shoulders, to your wrists and elbows, and right down to your ankles and knees.

Resistance Band Exercises for Hurlers & Camogie

Taking balls overhead, defending and making tackles, striking and running all take their toll, and some of the resistance band exercises that we can recommend include –

Warm Up – a proper warm up of the shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and torso is essential.

Hip & Glute Activation – equally it is extremely important to train and turn on your major muscles groups.

Wrist & Elbow Work -pronation and supination exercises will undoubtedly prolong the careers of many hurling players developing resilient and durable shoulder, elbow and wrist joints.

Overall Strength & Conditioning – exercise bands provide incredible flexibility and allow you to work out the major muscles of the body including –

  • assisted pull ups,
  • resistance band bench press,
  • exercise band squats,
  • tricep and bicep pulls and pushes,
  • shoulder raises and shoulder presses, and a tremendous variety of modifications to these core exercises.