Pilates Resistance Band Exercises

Guide on the Best Band Exercises for Pilates Practitioners

Improving pilates performance is easy when using resistance bands. Lots of novices have seen dramatic improvements in their ability to practice pilates by incorporating band exercises into their routines. Interestingly, pilates and band exercises have great synergy. In light of this, here is a simple guide on the best band exercises for pilates practitioners.

Regularly performing kickbacks with resistance bands is a surefire to improve pilates performance. Kickbacks are a very effective exercise that works out the triceps as well as muscles located in the upper area of the back. The kicking back motion of the exercise also improves flexibility, which is very important for many moves in pilates. Overall, kickbacks with resistance bands are a fantastic exercise to regularly incorporate into your warmups before doing pilates.

Bicep curls with bands are yet another great exercise that helps improve pilates performance in the same manner as kickbacks. Although pilates uses all areas of the body, the biceps are an important muscle for various moves. Many people overlook the biceps as they might think the muscle is more relevant to sports such as weightlifting. However, the biceps play an incredibly vital role in pilates as well. Simply curling options is a quick and effective way to build strength in the biceps. Stronger biceps lead to better positioning during a wide variety of pilates manoeuvres.

Core muscles and posture are tremendously important in pilates, which is why kneel crunches with resistance bands are a great choice for pilates practitioners. Kneel crunches are just let regular crunches but involve kneeling rather than crunching upwards. Considering that resistance bands come in many different strengths, kneeling while using these bands can be incredibly difficult. Kneeling with bands can quickly build up the core in a fashion that’s simply impossible to achieve with other exercises.

Band twists increase the flexibility and agility of all aspects of your body. Twisting left and right while having a band around your waist will quickly build up muscles in your core. Continuously twisting for a few minutes with resistance bands is the perfect way to prepare for an intense pilates session. Lots of pilates experts find that performing band twists is one of the most enjoyable ways to prepare for a session.

In the same way as band twists, upward rows with resistance bands are another effective way to prepare your body for a pilates session. Upward rows with bands will stimulate all of the important areas of your upper back. At the same time, the rowing motion will increase the flexibility of key tendons and ligaments in your upper body. The combined effect of practicing these rows on a regular basis is a dramatic increase in your ability to hold positions that rely on the upper part of your body.

Performing a wide range of different band exercises, you’ll be sure to improve many aspects of your pilates exercises. By completing band exercises that work lots of different areas of the body, you’ll condition your body in a manner that’s perfect for various intense pilates movements.

Best Resistance Band Workouts for Pilates