Darts Players Resistance Band Exercises

3 Resistance Band Exercises For Dart Players

Being a dart player means you are going to have to work out the right muscles to remain successful.

One of the best ways to do this is to start implementing resistance band exercises into your routine as soon as possible. These exercises are going to have a tremendous impact on your strength and will continue to engage your body in a way that is valuable.

Here are the top three resistance band exercises for dart players.

1) Throwing Motion

This is one of the simplest resistance band exercises because it works the foundation of your technique as a dart player. In general, you are going to wrap the resistance band around a pole or something sturdy and then walk away from it. This is going to create tension in the resistance band as you hold onto it.

From this position, you are going to pull the resistance band and try to position it like you would before throwing a dart.

Now you are going to start to move the arm back and forth while maintaining the tension. This is a unique exercise that does strengthen all of the relevant muscles in your body as a dart player.

2) Banded Good Mornings

The back has to be worked out when it comes to remaining consistent with your technique. This is an underrated part of your technique and it does play a big role in the grand scheme of things.

To do it the right way, you are going to place the resistance band under your feet and then grab it. Now you are going to look to bend at the hips and then straighten out.

This is the movement and it should be done gradually to maintain the tension.

3) Banded Lat Stretch

This is going to work out the lats and will make sure you have a stronger throwing technique.

With this, you are going to set up the resistance band on a sturdy pole while keeping it above you. From this position, you are going to pull the resistance band down without bending your arm.

Great Resistance Band Exercises for Darts Players

Final Thoughts

These are the best three resistance band exercises for dart players and should become a part of your routine as soon as you can make it happen. The results are going to be obvious and you will start to enjoy playing darts with the added strength. It can be a game-changer for those wanting to push their skillset to the next level.