Resistance Band Exercises for Lawn Bowlers

What Are The Best Resistance Band Exercises For Lawn Bowlers?

Lawn bowls is a sport where many consider that the risk of injury is relatively low. It is not only a game that is suitable for almost every age group, it is also a game where players are not required to throw, jump, run or sprint. Unfortunately, many players have experienced muscle strains, muscle sprains and even broken bones. So, what are some resistance bands exercises that lawn bowlers can perform to reduce their bodily injury whilst playing the sport?

What Is Lawn Bowling?

Lawn bowls, also known simply as ‘bowls’, is a casual game that is very popular in many areas of the world. The main objective of this sport is to roll a weighted or biased ball so that it gets as close as possible to the target ball. The target ball is often referred to as the Jack or the kitty.

The first set of rules for the game were established in the middle 1860’s by William Wallace Mitchell, who was a cotton merchant. Even though these initial rules still serve as the foundation for how the game is still played today, many players have adopted their own unique versions and rules.

The challenge of the game lies in the individual player’s ability to predict where their ball will go and how close it will get to the target ball.

Because the game is considered a great way for everyone, especially older people, to have fun and be active without enduring a lot of physical stress, many underestimate the possibility of injuries. Fortunately, there are some resistance band exercises players can do to strengthen and build their muscles.

Exercise Band Workouts for Lawn Bowlers

Upright Rows

This is considered a foundational exercise that is important in improving shoulder strength. The exercise targets the side (lateral) deltoids and gives an individual the appearance of wider shoulders.

Select a resistance band for the strength you want to use and stand in the centre of the band with your knees bent slightly and your feet slightly apart.

Take the handles and hold them in the front of the thighs and keep your back flat. Be sure that your palms are also facing the thighs.

Whilst keeping the handles near the body, take the handles and lift them until your arms and hands are at the same height as your shoulders. Hold them in this position for a few seconds and then lower them slowly back to the starting position.

You can repeat this for as many repetitions as you want.

Bicep Exercises

Even though barbells and dumbbells are typically preferred when it comes to bicep curls, you can also use resistance bands to build and strengthen your biceps. The elastic material of resistance bands actually increase the range of motion. The bands also only work against whatever elevation or point where they are anchored.

The three different types of bicep exercises you can do with resistance bands are:

– Hammer curls
– Traditional curls
– Reverse curls

Lawn bowlers enjoy playing the game because it is low-stress and a great way to stay active. These players can perform resistance band exercises to improve their game and prevent injury at the same time.