Handball Players Resistance Band Workouts

Resistance Band Exercises For Handball Players

Handball is a very hands-on game that requires players to have sufficient strength, especially on their legs and arms. Both the upper and lower body needs to be in good shape for you to coordinate the movements well. Resistance bands have proven to be an efficient way of helping in the building of strength through the entire body. However, as a player, if you use them to work out without guidance, you might acquire power that will not boost your performance. Below are some of the best workouts you can adopt.

Bicep Curl.

Secure a stable standing position on the ground and place your legs apart to the width of your shoulders. Slightly bend your knees then use both feet to step into the center of the resistance band. Hold both ends of the resistance band firmly while your palms face a downward direction. Hang both arms on your sides and gently move the elbows close to your body on both sides. Gradually, flex your elbows and wind the resistance band to almost the level of your shoulders. To gain results quickly, maintain your elbows in the same position through the whole workout. Also, your back and head should be in a neutral posture. Return to the starting position and repeat the move.


In a standing position, place both feet apart to the width of your hips. Using the left leg step back twice and stand on the ball of the foot. Step on one end of the resistance band using the right foot and hold the other end with your arms while in a slightly bent position. Place your hands under your chin. Bend your right hip and move in the direction of the ground slowly until you kneel and position your thigh parallel to the floor. Ensure you are in a straight position. Return to your initial position and repeat.


Stand on the resistance band with your feet shoulder-width apart. Use both hands to secure the loop parallel to the length of your shoulders. Slowly bend your legs and the whole body to achieve a full squat. To confirm you are in the right position, you should feel like you are sitting with your hands above you holding the resistance band. Return to the starting position and repeat the workout.

Best Resistance Band Exercises for Handball Players

If you want to get results within a short period, repeat the workouts, ten times in every row for three rows. Furthermore, ensure you only do the recommended rounds to avoid overstretching your muscles. If you make the moves with precision, your gaming level will surely improve.