Lacrosse Resistance Band Exercises

Lacrosse Workouts with Resistance Bands

Resistance Band Workouts For Lacrosse Players.

Before a lacrosse player becomes the best, they need to engage in strength exercises that aim to develop the core and build power. With such a provision, they can maneuver on the field and deliver the best game ever. The kind of exercise varies depending on the equipment used. Resistance bands have proven over time to be effective in helping athletes achieve these goals. The type of resistance in each design varies. If you are already in the game, experts advise that you use the highest. Below is a compilation of some of the exercises you can partake. Ensure you follow the steps with precision.

Forty-Five Degree Resistance Band Step out.

This move aims to improve stability and balance while also increasing core strength. Furthermore, it is also useful in preventing injuries around the joints on the knees, ankles, and hips. Step into a mini resistance band and place it just above your ankles. Allow for some tension by moving your feet apart. It should be flexible to allow you to take steps forward and backward. Slightly bend to make a quarter squat in a stable position. Lift one foot to form a forty-five degrees angle. Your hands should move simultaneously. Hold for ten seconds then return to the starting post. Repeat using the other foot then back. Make repetitions of a least twenty times using each foot.

Band Rotations.

Band rotations are ideal for lacrosse players in all stages. They focus on the arms, ankles, and knees. The best resistance band for this workout has to be long for it to act as a lever. Anchor one end of the equipment on a stable object like a doorknob. It should be to the same height as your waist. Stand with your side facing the anchor then secure the other end using both hands. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Also, there should be tension for better results. Start pulling the resistance band away to make a move as if you are rotation then back. Your feet should not move at any given pint, but the knees should follow suit. Change the position to use the other side and make the same move again. Repeat at least twenty times on each side.

Band Pull.

It aims at achieving single-leg stability. Secure one end of the resistance band on a stable object at waist height then stand facing it. Place one leg in front of the other and secure the other end using one hand. Position the other free arm just above your stomach. There should be some tension in the resistance band for the workout to be productive. The leg in front should form ninety degrees. The point of contact to the floor on the one behind should be the toes. Pull the resistance band away while making a move to stand. When it stretches back, retire with it to the initial position. Chance the positioning of the legs then start again. Make at least ten rounds using each side.

Best Resistance Band Exercises for Lacrosse

Incorporating resistance band workouts in daily training can yield positive results within a short period. Follow the moves as instructed, and to build more resistance, you can add the repetitions.