Resistance Band Training for Frozen Shoulders

Top Three Resistance Band Workouts For Frozen Shoulders.

Frozen shoulders are a problem that quite a large number of people face. The issues in most cases will originate from a shoulder injury that is on the road to recovery, or in rare cases; it comes out of nowhere. Whenever you feel like you need an effort to move your shoulders, then you should look into finding a solution immediately. Resistance bands have proven over time to be very useful in the building of strength in places where muscles are weak. In the case of frozen shoulders, below are some of the best three resistance band workouts you can do to help you feel better.

Lateral Raises.

The main difficulty you will undergo with a frozen shoulder is the ability to raise your arms in a straight manner. Lateral raises help to strengthen the muscles that hold back your limbs by moving them away from the sides. The first step is to position yourself at the center of the band using your front foot. Get hold of each side of the exercise band using both hands simultaneously. Maintain a straight standing posture while your elbows are straight throughout. Move your arms in a circular motion pointing to the ceiling and slowly lift them to the sides equal to the height of your shoulders. Hold for 3 seconds and go back to the starting position. Make ten rounds for better results.

External Rotations.

The main target for this workout is to help you reach the back of your head. Tie one end of your resistance band to a secure and immobile object. Face it with the side of your body that will not be exercising. Hold the other loose end of the resistance band using the hand that is away from the secured place of the resistance band. Hold out your elbow and bend it to attain a ninety-degree angle. Hold on for two seconds. Rotate your forearm away as far as you can and keep your upper arm close to you. Gently return to your initial position and make a ten-time repetition.


Rows will enable you to maintain an upright standing posture when you want to reach out for objects slightly above your height. Simple activities like putting dishes in a cupboard will require less effort. Stand at the center of the resistance band using your front foot and hold both ends of the resistance band in your hands firmly and bend your front knee. Ensure the bend is slight to enable you to move forward at your hips while your back remains straight. For better results, maintain your elbows at a ninety-degree angle. Draw your elbows in a straight manner and squeeze your shoulder blades towards each other. Hold on for three seconds and go back to the starting point.

Exercises & Stretches for Frozen Shoulder Rehab

If you want to achieve results more quickly, do the workouts ten times. Ensure a row has three complete sets. However, be gentle to avoid any further injuries or pain. The exercise will enable your shoulders to gain strength and move more flexibly.