TRX Band Exercises

Best TRX Band Workouts.

TRX, in simple terms, refers to total body resistance exercises. Its goal is to make the core face a challenge through two tests, weight and gravity. Although it sounds complicated, the moves are quite simple, and all of them involve the use of unique resistant bands. The item should get anchored on a stable object for your safety. There are several moves that you can make for you to achieve this goal, but below is a compilation of the best.

TRX Band Pike Push Up.

This workout aims to build strength on muscles around your chest, shoulders, arms, and ribs. The pushups are just the regular kind that you usually do, but the results are exceptional if combined with the pike. With the help of the band, suspend yourself in a plank position. In a calculated move, make one successful pushup then move your hips into a pike. The outcome should be something like a V placed in an upside position. The weight will shift to your abs; hence you can move out of the situation slowly. However, ensure your legs are straightly placed all through the workout.

T Deltoid Fly.

The deltoid workout is focused on the back and shoulders. With your exercising band in the required position, stand in an area facing it. Place your left foot a few inches behind the right foot and firmly hold each handle simultaneously. Slightly bend inwards so that the TRX band strap is tight to create some tension. Extend out your arms in front to achieve a stable position. Pull against the band to shift weight to your right foot while opening your arms to form a T. Hold for a minute, then return to your starting position. Make several repetitions.

TRX Band Golf Swings.

The golf swing move is more focused on building strength on your back, chest, and shoulders. Your expectation should be to feel as if you are playing golf, but in the real sense, it is swinging your arms to give your upper body a new experience. Stand firmly facing the TRX band with your legs apart to the width of your shoulders. Hold the handles of the resistance band in both hands and secure yourself. Stably position your feet so that all your weight gets shifted to your soles. Bend inwards at your hips and let your arms extend outwards to the height of your chest. Keep your head facing forward all through the process. In a calculated move, rotate your torso then let out your left arm in front and your right arm behind. Hold for a second, then alternate the position so that your left arm is now back and the right one in front. Make repetition at least ten times.

The TRX band workouts are focused on taking away your balance so that your body has to adjust to the new situation. This way, your body’s midsection will have to work harder in conjunction with the upper part to offer you support and control through the movements.