Best Three Resistance Bands Workout To Build Triceps

3 Resistance Bands Workout To Build Triceps.

Are you looking towards building more strength on your triceps? Resistance bands have proven over time to be quite efficient, and if you have determination, you will surely achieve your goal. However, you must be aware of the specific workouts to follow to gain muscles in particular areas you prefer. Resistance bands help to build strength in many other body parts like calves and biceps, among others. For the case of triceps, below are the best three workouts that are effective. However, you will only achieve results if the exercise is precise.

Resistance Push Up.

Place your exercise band horizontally on your upper back as you lie down. You should be lying on the resistance band. Position both of your hands on either side of the chest. Ensure the alignment is equal for a comfortable position. The resistance band should have loose ends where you will press your palms on either side. Lower your chest to make sure it touches the floor while tucking in the elbows. Push up slowly till you reach the top of your hold. Exhaling will help you be at ease as you continuously do the workout. The primary target here is to maintain your spine in a flat position, whereas you lift your pelvis and chest. You can do the same push-up but change the location and keep your knees on the ground.

Overhead Push Up.

In a standing position, place an end of the exercise band down and pin it with your right foot. Take the other loose end and hold it firmly with your right hand. The resistance band should be behind you and over your head for better results. Once you achieve a stable position, point towards the roof with your right elbow, and then relax your shoulders. Make an extension with your right arm and finally bend it. While your arms are in a straight position, point your fist upward and when bent use the elbow to point up. The place you are in will be a complete workout, and you can now shift to the left foot. Follow the same procedure with precision, and you will notice how much strength you finally gain at the end. Do the workout repetitively around ten times then shift to another position for better results.

Reverse Plank.

Sit down on the floor while extending both legs on the front in a straight position. Put your resistance band on top of your thighs around the place where your hips crease from the waist. With loose ends on both sides, put your hands on both sides of your hips. Pin down the resistance band on both sides almost at the ends. Ensure your fingers are pointing forward while your arms fully press the resistance band. Slightly bending your elbows, squeeze your back and legs. Ensure you are stable as the next step is to lift your hips from the floor. While moving upwards, push your pelvis against the band while you straighten your elbows. Hold on in this position for a 10 seconds count and then lower yourself slowly till you achieve the initial posture. Challenge yourself further by bending the knees and keeping your hips flat on the ground. To ensure you gain maximum strength, make a repetition ten times, then shift to your next workout.

Resistance Band Exercises for Triceps

Triceps muscle takes up the most significant percentage of your upper arm, but if you don’t work out, they tend to be weak. Training using resistance bands allow you to build more strength only if you do the workouts as per instructions given. Also, if you want to challenge yourself further, you should do fifty to a hundred pushdowns alongside the exercises, as mentioned above. The benefits are numerous, and with time your arms will have a good feel.