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Karate Resistance Band Training Exercises

Best Resistance Band Training Exercises For Karate?

When resistance band exercises are added to a karate or martial arts training regimen, movements such as jumping, kicking, blocking, punching, body control and rotational movement can be performed at high levels of accuracy and intensity.

Resistance bands can be used during each phase of karate training such as:

– Warming up
– Stretching
– Strength exercises
– Conditioning exercises
– Specific techniques and training

By working with resistance bands on a consistent basis, it will not be long before you notice your kicks are faster and higher, you have improved flexibility, your range of motion has increased and you have a balanced core and improved cardiovascular endurance.


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In other words, in order to become proficient in karate or any other martial arts sport, you will need to have endurance, balance, core strength and explosive power. Training is an essential part in improving karate skills and resistance bands can improve this training.

Upper Body

Whilst training your lower body is very important in martial arts, you should also condition your upper body as well. This is important because you will need to be able to have a conditioned body in order to perform the many rigorous exercises necessary to become adept in karate.

Resistance bands for the upper body will help you focus on your shoulders and arms for that flexibility and powerful punch that is required. The bands will also improve your endurance and range of motion in your upper body.

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Best Resistance Band Exercises for Karate Athletes

If you are a karateka, you should be incorporating resistance bands in your training regimen. You will be surprised at how these simple bands will help you get the results you are looking for.

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