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Best Exercise Band Routines for Golfers

Exercise Band Workouts for Golf

The Best Resistance Band Exercises For Golf 

If you find your golf game has reached a plateau, it’s time to start working on your muscles. 

Believe it or not, by leveraging resistance band exercises, you should be able to build functional speed into your golf swing to allow you to break past barriers your game might have reached. 

A lot of golfers never work on their muscles to improve their golf game. If you are looking to take your game to a whole new level, consider implementing the tips below into your routine.

Top Resistance Exercises For Your Golf Game:

1. Cross Body Lat Pull Down

This is easily one of the first exercises you want to work into your exercise routine.

This exercise is very effective at improving your swing because it works the muscles directly involved with your golf swing.

When you are swinging your club, you will be primarily using your lats along with your core.

Crossbody lat pull-downs are one of the most effective ways to improve each of these areas of your swing.




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2. Lateral Raises 

Another very effective exercise that you want to incorporate into your exercise routine would be lateral raises. 

This exercise is extremely effective at strengthening a lot of the muscles involved with your golf swing including your shoulders, back, and your deltoids. 

When performing this exercise, you will recognize that you are swinging your arms much as you would during your golf swing all the way through the follow-through.

3. Tricep Extensions 

This is another good exercise that you can integrate into your training routine. 

Your triceps can play a role in improving your driving range. 

You can do this by driving the exercise band down using only your tricep muscles.

How to Improve Your Golf Game with Exercise Bands

4. Hip Flexes

Your hips play a crucial role in your golf swing.

After all, you need to have good flexibility in your hips to really achieve full rotation. Without having hips that can open and close with ease, you might find your swing to be restrictive.

Doing hip flexes with a resistance band can help you both increase flexibility and rotation of your hips and the strength of them.

Basic Bands for Improving Your Golf Swing:


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5. Core Exercises 

Using resistance bands for developing a stronger core can do wonders to improve your golf game. 

Your core is at the centre of all of the movements you will be making as a golfer. 

Therefore, you need to engage in as many core exercises as possible. 

By improving your core muscles, you can engage in better rotations and really leverage your core to drive the ball further.

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6. Chest Fly 

The chest fly is another one of those exercises you want to get into your routine. 

The chest fly will help you strengthen the initial stages of your golf swing. You use a lot of your chest muscles as you begin your swing’s downward rotation. 

This can help you develop enough strength to maximise your power to generate enough rotational speed. 

Chest flys can be performed on the decline to mimic your golf swing. This way, you can help to develop more muscle memory that you will need to use during each swing.

As you can see, resistance bands can be very beneficial for those that are looking to improve their golf swing. 

A lot of the exercises you will want to engage in will help you mimic your golf swing and improve the strength of the muscles that are involved in it. 

By using resistance bands in the right way and by incorporating all of the exercises needed in your training routine, you should be able to get the most out of your game and break through your plateau.

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