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Best Resistance Band Workouts for Rounded Shoulders

Rounded shoulders are a common occurrence, especially considering the number of people working at their desks all day. However, rounding your shoulders can lead to terrible posture and other detrimental health effects.

Anyone that’s dealing with the issue should look into correcting their shoulders for the sake of their future health and wellbeing. If you’re currently rounding your shoulders, here are some effective resistance band exercises to help correct the issue.



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Resistance Band Shoulder Presses

Exercises which focus on building up core shoulder muscles are usually the most effective at improving rounded shoulders. Shoulder presses using a resistance band are very efficient in quickly building core shoulder muscles. 

All you need to do is to use the band and press your arms above your head. As you press your arms above your head, you’ll notice that all components of your shoulder area will activate. 

Once you do shoulder presses for a few weeks, you’ll likely notice that you’ll stop rounding your shoulders as much as before.

Resistance Band Standing Pulls

Shoulder presses are fantastic for addressing the main muscles that cause shoulder rounding, but you should also do standing pulls too. 

Standing pulls are a simple resistance band exercise where you straighten your arms in front of you, then pull them back towards you. The pulling action will activate all of your shoulder and back muscles, making them more resistant to rounding. 

These pulls are best done right after doing shoulder presses as they work a similar but slightly different set of muscles.

Resistance Band Standing Rotations

Although it’s vital you build shoulder muscles doing standing pulls or shoulder presses, you also need to focus on the flexibility of these muscles. 

Standing rotations involves using the resistance band and rotating it around you in a circular movement. These rotations are easy to perform and are best as a warmup exercise before doing more strenuous shoulder exercises. 

Rotations are useful as they help make the entire shoulder more flexible and agile, which is key to preventing rounded shoulders.

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Resistance Band Seated Fly

One type of exercise that greatly compliments standing rotations is the seated fly. While sitting down, simply use the band for resistance while trying to spread your arms out in front of you. 

While you’re spreading your arms, you’ll notice that your entire shoulder area will start to move in tandem. The seated fly motion is perfect for targeting all of the essential muscles found not only in the shoulder, but also in areas right next to these muscles. 

It’s important to remember that improving your round shoulders is more than about more than just your shoulders, you also have to bolster muscles right next to your shoulders as well.

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Resistance Band Upright Rows

The seated fly exercise helps work many muscles that are directly next to the shoulder muscles, which is exactly how upright rows work. Upright rows are another essential resistance band exercise for improving your rounded shoulders. 

These rows are done by pulling the band vertically rather than horizontally, which targets a whole new set of muscles. Primarily, the trapezius muscles are targets of these rows. 

The trapezius muscles also play an important role in preventing shoulders from rounding, so it’s particularly important to give these upright row workouts a try.

Don’t Forget to Stretch

Although all of the above exercises are highly useful for improving shoulder rounding, it’s vital you don’t neglect to stretch beforehand. 

Shoulder muscles are next to many delicate tendons and ligaments, meaning you must do a warmup before attempting these exercises. Warmups get your muscles and joints ready for a workout, preventing them from facing injury.

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