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Best Resistance Band Exercises for Running

6 Best Resistance Band Exercises for Runners

There are so many exercises that you can do with a resistance band. As a runner, you can do resistance band exercises anywhere you want. You do not need a gym to do them. You can even do these exercises in your house. This is because you just need a resistance band.

Resistance bands improve multi-joint strength. They can help you become stronger and faster. And resistance band exercises for runners helps target several muscles including legs, glutes, and core. It is important to target these muscles because runners use these muscles when running.


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The following are the best resistance band exercises for runners.

1. Side Steps

Long-distance running can seriously impact your hips because long runs weaken the hip muscles. As a serious long-distance runner, you may have experience stiff and painful hips. 

Side steps help to stabilize and strengthen your hip abductors. As a beginner, do not start with a thick resistance band because it feels hard. 

Use a thinner resistance band and do not let your feet come together.

2. Wall Sits

Do you work in an office? If yes, then you may spend most of your day sitting. Sitting throughout the day can lead to a poor posture, especially if you are not doing any form of exercise. 

Use wall sits to correct your poor posture. If you love running before or after work, add a resistance band to this exercise to stop your knees from knocking inwards while you are running. 

A resistance band and wall sits can help strengthen your external hip rotators.

3. Hip Flexor Marches

Hip flexors are responsible for knee drive when you are running. 

However, sitting for long periods of time can make hip flexors tight. It is difficult to run if your hip flexors are tight. You can use hip flexor marches to improve your balance. 

This is because hip flexor marches can help to improve your stability by working the glutes, hip flexors and core stability.

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4. Kickbacks

You can use kickbacks to work the back of your thighs and bum. Even though kickbacks are simple, they are still effective. 

Facing a sturdy object, e.g. a wall or chair, lift the resistance band above your ankle. 

Drive your heel back in a kickback motion by lifting your left foot off the ground as you slightly bend your right knee. Hold for a few seconds at the top of the movement before lowering down.

5. Clams

Clams are one of the best resistance band exercises for runners because they prime the glutes for exercises. 

Clams can also help work on the lower body including high flexors, groin, and outer thighs. 

That is why they can bring more power and stability to your hips. For this exercise to be effective, get a thicker resistance band because a thick resistance band provides enough resistance in the band.

6. Standing Hip Abduction

The hip abductors contribute to your ability to walk, rotate your legs, and stand easily. Standing hip abduction exercises target your back and strengthen the hip muscles. 

And they are commonly used to prevent and treat pain in the knees and hips. For this exercise to be effective, use your hip muscles and do not rotate your hips. 

Doing standing hip abduction exercises regularly can help you walk and run comfortably.

These are the best resistance band exercises for runners. 

All these exercises are effective, but you must use the right resistance band and do these exercises correctly. 

As a beginner, you may face some challenges while starting these exercises. Do not give up because these exercises reduce the risk of injuries by improving multi-joint strength.

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