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What Are Top 3 Resistance Band Exercises For Table Tennis

Resistance bands are tremendously versatile training tools for table tennis players, and we recommend some of the top exercises below for table tennis.

Arm Speed

The main thing that you should be focused on when you are trying to develop a better game would be developing your arm speed.

Your arm speed is going to be the most important aspect of becoming a better table tennis player. Resistance bands can be a great tool to use to develop greater arm speed for table tennis.



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1. Mimic A Shot

You will be able to use the bands to mimic your arm slot and your arm movement while taking a shot. 

This is only going to improve the strength of your muscles that are involved which can maximize your speed.

2. Curls

By doing bicep curls, you will be able to work out some of the most important muscles in your arm. 

This is going to help you develop strength in not only your biceps but also in your forearms.

3. Triceps

You want to do some form of pull-down or overhead pull-down with the resistance bands which can help you give your triceps a good workout. 

Your triceps are going to be critical when it comes to making backhand shots and just playing in general.

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4. Forearm Extensions

By doing this, you are going to be able to further improve your shot speed by strengthening your forearm which can give you the ability to stabilize the paddle easier and it can really help you improve your ability to generate maximum arm speed. 

Your forearms can play a big role in determining not only how accurate you are able to hit your shots due to paddle stability, but your forearm is used when you are generating shot power which can dramatically improve your game when you have a greater ability to generate more power.

Best Resistance Band Training Exercises for Table Tennis

By following the tips above, you should be able to give yourself the ability to make good strides in your effort to become a better table tennis player by incorporating resistance bands and various exercises into your training routine. 

It can make you a better player by giving you more strength in your game.

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