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Resistance Band Exercises for Volleyball Players

Best Three Resistance Band Workouts For Volleyball.

As a volleyball player, one essential skill you must have is to jump high quickly. 

Players do exercises to enable them to gain this ability as it ensures they perform better in their games. 

During a workout, a player should focus on building strength on their lower body since that is where most stability comes from for support. 

Resistance bands help volleyballers to work out and gain muscle necessary for their playing. 

However, if you do not work out correctly, you can quickly get an injury, which is the last thing any sportsperson wants. Below is a compilation of the best three resistance band workout a volleyball player can adopt for better performance.

Face Pull Band.

The banded face pulls, as commonly known, mainly concentrates on the upper part of the back and shoulders.

The sections build strength overtime for more stability for the player. Also, the stiffness of the shoulder blade gradually fades away, and they become more mobile.

The first step is to ensure your palms face the ground while you pull the resistance band towards your eyes.

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Pull down your shoulder blades towards each other, then pause for a second or two maximum.

Ensure your elbows are in a slightly higher position than the shoulders when pulling for a complete round.

Pull the band back while your main concentration lies on the contraction of abs and glutes for more strength.

Also, if you want to feel more resistance, move away from the resistance band and for less resistance move closer. Change the resistance bands while working out to achieve different degrees of strength.

Biceps Curl.

In a stable standing position, place your feet apart while using the width of your shoulders as measurement.

Bend your knees slightly and step on the center of the resistance band using both feet.

Ensure you maintain the shoulder apart width for your feet. Hold each end of the resistance band firmly and position your palms to face forward.

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Hang your arms in a downward direction on your sides and move the elbows closer to your body. Using both hands, flex your elbows upwards at the same time curling the resistance band towards your shoulders.

Once you get to this point, you will have made a complete round. Therefore, you can return to the initial position for another round.

It is essential to place your elbows close to your sides while your head remains in a straight position. The only moving part should be the elbow joint.

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Stand in an upright posture and place your legs apart to achieve the maximum width of your hips. 

Using one leg of your choice, make a backward step, and stand on the ball of your foot. Take the resistance band and place it under your front foot holding both ends with each hand simultaneously. 

You will know you are doing perfect work out only if your head and back maintain a straight position. 

Push down your body while bending using your right hip and knee. To achieve maximum strength, ensure your thigh is parallel to the ground, and your body is in a straight position. 

At this point, you have made a complete round, and you can go back to your initial posture and pause for a few seconds. Repeat the process, but now use the other leg. Repeat the work out several times for better results.

Resistance Bands for Volleyball

Resistance bands give you the allowance to either exercise at home or the gym. 

However, you must follow the work out steps for better results. Incorporate the training in your daily workouts since the more you practice, the more comfortable they will get. 

Make around ten rounds of each exercise and then pause for thirty seconds and shift to the next work out.

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