Arm Wrestling with Resistance Bands

Top Three Resistance Band Exercises for Arm Wrestling

Keeping fit keeps the body healthy. Not only does it make the different body parts function effectively, but it also boosts metabolism. There are many techniques used along with exercises to keep fit, a common one being nutrition. Nowadays, exercising has even been made easier through the use of tools like resistance bands. A resistance band is a working out tool used to exercise various muscles of the body such as those in the arms, legs, chest, and back.

If you are recovering from an injury, a resistance band is the best tool to ease you back to your normal workout routines because it is easy and versatile. You can choose to do a full-body workout or just the arm workout with the resistance band. You do not even need weights if you have a resistance band at your disposal.

With this knowledge, let’s dive into the top three exercises for arm wrestlers:

Biceps Curls

It is the most common exercise in arm wrestling that targets the biceps. Place your legs apart and step on one end of the band while holding the other end on your hands with your palm facing upwards. Pull the band to your shoulder height, then back to the normal resting position. Repeat the process 20 times.

Triceps Kickbacks

Another arm-wrestling exercise is the tricep kickbacks and as the name suggests it targets the triceps. It is almost similar to the biceps curls, but in this case, you place your palm facing inwards. While keeping your back flat, hinge forward, and position your arms at 90 degrees. Kick your hands backward gently to a horizontal position and then back.

Forward Raise

Last but not least is the forward arm raises exercise. With one foot standing slightly in front of the other, step on the band with your front foot and hold both handles with your palm facing your thighs. Raise your arms without bending them up to your shoulder height and then back. Repeat the process 20 times

Conclusion – Resistance Band Training for Arm Wrestlers

These three resistance band workout routines are essential for arm-wrestling and they can be done in the comfort of your home. Remember, functional fitness is the key to an effectively functioning body and these workout routines will enable you to get into shape for arm-wrestling.

You can opt to get your resistance band today and start getting into shape not only for your arms but also for full-body workout routines. Small bands, but when accompanied by commitment and dedication could be the key to attaining fitness!