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Top Resistance Band Workouts For Wheelchair Users.

Resistance bands help in the building of strength by building of resistance power on the muscles. 

They help in the construction of body stability to help you in your daily life or on other occasions if you are working out for professional purposes. 

If you are disabled and the wheelchair is the only mode of movement for you, you can adopt some workouts using the resistance band. 

The exercise will help your joints to become more stable without exposing you to the risk of rupturing muscles.



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Below are some of the top workouts you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Pull Downs.

The main target for this specific workout is to help strengthen muscles around the mid-back and core. The primary purpose of these muscles is to assist you when you are pulling or pushing. 

Firstly, secure the resistance band on a stable object approximately 3 feet above your head then remove the armrests of your wheelchairs to avoid using excess effort. Position yourself under the resistance band but slightly hang from the bar. 

In a straight sitting position, move your belly button toward your spine while engaging your whole body. Hold both sides of the resistance bands using both hands and gently shift your arms towards each other. 

Ensure your elbow remain wide for better results. At this point, you will have finished the workout. Slowly move your elbows inward then return to your starting position.

Reversed Fly.

The primary focus is on the deltoid muscles. They aid in providing stability while pulling and pushing. Secure a resistance band on a stable object in front of you just above your shoulders. 

Using both hands, hold both sides of the resistance band and lift your arms out to the height of your shoulders facing the resistance band. Move your arms outward and maintain your shoulders back and down. 

Apply pressure slightly between your shoulder blades then hold for about 3 seconds. Slowly return to the starting position. For better results, you can increase or decrease the length of the resistance band to bring variance in the amount of tension.

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Shoulder Retractions.

The primary target is the shoulders and abs. In a straight sitting position, support your back muscles using the abs. Position your arms in an almost 90-degree angle to the height of your shoulders. 

Face your arms down and sufficiently curve the fingers. Push out both arms in a straight position in front of you to their maximum width while ensuring you do not lock your joints. 

Slightly bend the elbows and pull your arms backward to position your elbows behind the torso. Squeeze the shoulders slowly then hold for approximately three seconds. 

You can increase the intensity of the workout by using a light resistance band. Hold both ends using both hands and extend the arms in front and parallel to the floor. 

Move your arms apart while squeezing your fingers in and out.

Best Resistance Training Exercises for Wheelchair Users

The above workouts using resistance bands will help you to gain strength while you utilize minimal effort. 

If you want to achieve results within a short period, ensure you make the moves with precision. 

However, avoid overworking your muscles and only do the recommended three sets comprising of ten rounds in a row.


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