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Resistance Band Exercises For Shoulder Injuries

Rehab Shoulder Injuries with Bands

When it comes to shoulder injuries, there are a few things that can be done to help them. 

One of them is exercising, but instead of using weights, you should use a resistance band. With that said, here are the best resistance band exercises for shoulder injuries. 

1. Side Shoulder Raise

This exercise is one of the easiest shoulder exercises to perform, especially if you sustained a shoulder injury. The side shoulder raise mainly targets the middle part of the shoulder. You’ll want to perform this exercise slowly and aim to do 15-20 reps.

As for how to do it, you place your left foot on the band while you hold the top part of the band with your left hand.

Let your arm hang all the way down, and then slowly start raising your arm to the side. Stop when your arm is out straight and leveled with your shoulder.

Keep your elbow slightly bent throughout the movement.

After you’ve done 15-20 reps, perform the same number of reps for your right shoulder. Do 4-5 sets in total.

Also, if it’s more comfortable for you, feel free to keep your knees slightly bent during the exercise.

As Your Shoulders Become Stronger You Can Increase the Resistance

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2. Pull Aparts

This exercise is good for all three heads of the shoulder, but it’s also a good movement for the rotator cuff. It also incorporates the upper back. 

The way you perform pull aparts is you hold the band with both hands, but do it via an under-grip. Keep your elbows touching the side of your body and then use your hands to pull the band in opposite directions.

Throughout the movement, ensure your elbows remain touching the sides of your body. 

Pull until you are slightly squeezing your shoulder blades together, and then return to the starting position. Perform this exercise slowly and do 12-20 reps.

3. External Shoulder Rotation: Lying Down

The external shoulder rotation exercise can be performed lying down. It’s a good exercise because it improves scapular movement. 

The exercise can also help reduce the risk of injuring your shoulders again, and it can improve scapular stability over time.

With that said, lay flat on your back and make sure your elbows are kept at the side of your body. 

Hold the band on your chest and then start pulling it apart until your hands are touching the floor. At that point, hold the movement for a few seconds before returning to the starting point.

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4. Overhead Pull Downs

Resistance band overhead pull downs are easy to perform, but they will greatly increase shoulder strength and help your shoulders recover from injury much more effective. 

You want to tie the band to a sturdy structure, such as a power rack or pull-up bar. Next, keep your back straight and get into a squatting position.

Grab the band with both hands and keep your arms completely straight. 

Start pulling the band down until your hands are right next to your hops and then return back to the starting position. 

Perform the desired number of reps, but you should really aim for 10-12 reps. This is the equivalent of using a pull-down machine, except you’re using a resistance band.

5. Standing Row

The last exercise to make it onto the list is the standing row. While this exercise mainly targets the upper-back, it also incorporates the shoulders, especially the rear-delt. You’ll strengthen both the upper-back muscles and your shoulders by doing the standing row regularly.

Tie the resistance band to a sturdy object, but make sure the band is leveled with your chest. 

Your stance should be your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, and then you’ll want to grab the band with both hands. 

Now you’ll pull the band back until your wrists are at your side and/or until you feel a slight pull in your upper-back.

Once you feel the pull, hold the movement for a few seconds. Then you’ll go back to the starting position. Ideally, you should perform 15-20 reps of this exercise.

Possibly the Best Overall Exercise Band Shoulder Health Routine

Shoulder Rehab Exercises with Bands

Have you suffered a shoulder injury and you want to get back into working out? Maybe you want to improve your shoulders’ strength as a result of the injury. Whatever the case is, make sure you start doing the above best resistance band exercises for shoulder injuries.

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