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Resistance Band Exercises to Build Strong Arms

Build Your Arm Strength with Resistance Band Workouts

What Is The Best Band Exercises For Building Super Strong Arms?

Resistance bands can be a very effective workout tool that you can use in order to build strength. Not only are they extremely convenient and easy to use, but they are very effective.

Likewise, the risk of injury is substantially lower than using free weights. If you are looking to build super strong arms, you will want to integrate some of the following exercises into your workout routine.

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Best Band Exercises For Building Strong Arms:

1. Bicep Curls

If you are looking to improve your arm strength and build bigger arms in general, you will always want to look to incorporate bicep curls into your routine. 

To perform this exercise with resistance arms, you will want to step on the band and perform a regular curl. You can do this either standing up or sitting down. You want to perform anywhere from 10 to 15 reps and repeat for your other arm. 

Biceps are generally one of the first things people look to workout because the exercise is easy and simple to understand, and it is incredibly effective at maximizing arm strength.

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2. Triceps

One of the muscles in your arms that you shouldn’t forget about if you are aiming to build strong arms will be your triceps. Your triceps are very important to work out because they actually are the bulk of your arm size. 

Luckily, with resistance bands, it is very easy to get in a highly effective triceps exercise. Simply stand on the centre of the band with one leg forward and one leg behind. From there, you will want to bend your knee while keeping your back completely straight. 

Then, you simply extend your arms behind you from your elbows which will directly target your triceps. To finish, you will want to have your shoulder blades squeezed together. 

You will know it’s working because your triceps will be absolutely burning after performing 10 to 15 repetitions of this exercise.

3. Front Arm Raises

This is another very effective arm workout that you can get into your resistance band routine. This is a good option because it can help you work not only your triceps but your shoulders as well. 

You will want to stand towards the end of one of the bands leaving as much tension as you need to perform the repetitions properly. From there, you will raise your arm straight directly in front of you until you reach shoulder or slightly above shoulder height. 

This is a single repetition and you should continue to rinse and repeat for another 10 to 15 and then switch to your other arm.

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4. Shooting A Bow and Arrow

This is a very simple and easy to understand arm exercise that can be highly effective if implemented properly. You will want to tighten the exercise band by gathering some of it up based on your needs. 

This will vary depending on how long your wingspan is. You want to have a good amount of tension available that will allow you to get in an effective exercise. From there, it is relatively straight forward. 

You will position one arm in a static position and you will stretch your other arm backwards until you are able to go no further as if you are shooting a bow and arrow, like an archer. 

This exercise can be effective at working everything from your entire cheat to your shoulders and even your triceps.

By following the various tips above for effective arm exercises, you should be able to leverage the convenience and ease of use that resistance bands offer to get the most out of your arm workouts.

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