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Resistance Bands Workouts For Your Butt

Top Three Most Effective Resistance Bands Workouts For Bum.

Resistance bands are very efficient in working out in case you want to build strength in various parts of your body. They are light, and the pricing is also fair.

You get the opportunity to work out anywhere you feel comfortable as they don’t limit you to go to the gym specifically. If you are looking to do exercises for your butt, there are different workouts you can adopt, but below are three of the best ways for you.



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Standing Glute Kickback.

While standing, place a resistance band around the area of your ankles. Spread your feet apart to the width of your hips and ensure you engage your core for a stable posture. Place your hands on the chest or hips depending on the level you comfort you prefer. 

Move all your weight to your left leg while touching the floor with your right toes. The positioning of your toes should be diagonal to your left foot to create tension on the resistance band. 

Tuck your pelvis under the core and make a simple kick back with your right leg. If you want better results, your knees should be in a straight position. Place your right foot back on the floor, then repeat using the other foot.

Band Walk.

Place your resistance band around your ankles and stand with your feet apart to the maximum width of your hips. Place your hands on the chest area and bend for a few inches concentrating on your knees. 

Make a hinge in a forward direction explicitly aiming at the hips. Ensure your glutes and abs are firm for better results. To complete one rep, take a step forward. 

Do this ten times and then shift to a backward direction. Keep your back and shoulders flat to avoid being in a hunching position.

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Jumping Jack.

For this workout, you will need a mini-band for better comfort. Place the resistance band around your ankles and stand in a shallow squat position. 

You should feel as if you are doing a squat but only a quarter way. Make a jump in and out, maintaining your knees on a bent position even when you are landing. A single rise means you make a single rep.

Best Resistance Band Exercises for Your Butt

For all the workouts, as mentioned above, use a maximum of forty-five seconds. Once you finish, take a fifteen-seconds break. In a case where a single exercise involves both sides, do not split the timing. 

Once you complete one workout, take a rest of sixty seconds, then redo for the maximum gaining of strength.

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