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Resistance Band Exercises for Rowing

Top Resistance Band Exercises For Rowers.

Resistance bands are versatile tools that help in the building of strength throughout the body. They come in a variety of sizes, power, lengths, and also colors.

Your choice will entirely depend on your workout needs and personal preferences. If you are a rower, the most significant amount of muscles you use will come mostly from the upper part of your body.

Adequate training of these parts leads to the creation of a balance, which further gives you more stability to do your job. Using resistance bands, below is a compilation of some of the best exercises you can follow to help become a better rower.


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Resistance Rows.

Sit stably on the floor and stretch out your legs. Your toes should be aiming at the roof. Slightly elevate the injured leg by placing a rolled towel below the knee. The purpose of this move is to get your heel off the floor. 

Secure both ends of the resistance band concurrently then use the foot to create another point of attachment. 

The resistance band should be precisely at the ball of your foot. In a calculated move, advance your ankle slightly in the forward direction as if you are pointing something using your toes then return to the original position. 

Hold for twenty seconds then make repetitions at least ten times.

Overhead Pulldowns.

Secure the resistance band on an immobile object slightly above your height. Stand under the anchor and in front of the loose ends of the resistance band. Slightly squat and hold both ends of the resistance bands using both hands. 

Position your neck and spine in a straight position. Your eyes should be facing the floor and not the forward direction. Slowly raise your hands to cover your ears entirely. Your thumbs should be pointing towards the roof. 

Pull down the resistance bands to let your hands touch the sides of your hips while your elbows are out the whole time. Release slowly and repeat the steps.

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Pass-Through Stretch.

Hold the band using both hands and stretch it fully across your body to the full height of your hips. Slightly elevate your shoulders while your elbows are down. 

Lift your arms to position them over your head and ensure the resistance band is tight the entire time. When the resistance band goes over your head, you should lock out your elbows. 

Slowly make back and down movements to place the resistance band on your back at the height of your hips. 

Once you reach this position, bring your arms back to the starting position, pause, and repeat the steps.

Rowing Band Exercises

The severity of ankle sprains vary, and in all cases, you should first seek medical attention. Your doctor will then direct you on how to manage the situation. 

Resistance band exercises are an effective method since they also prevent the re-occurrence of the same issue.

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