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Resistance Band Training for Your Core

Top Resistance Band Exercises For The Core.

Resistance bands come in a variety ranging from super tight to ones that you can easily stretch, and regardless of how light or strong your bands are you can always find an exercise that works the core. Before you start any workout, check if you have good quality bands. If not we recommend the Tomshoo Complete Resistance Band Kit below.    

Seated Row.

Acquire a stable sitting position on the ground. 

Stretch out your feet in front and tie the resistance band around your soles. Tighten the resistance band to create some tension to make yourself give in more effort. 

Secure both ends of the resistance band using both hands simultaneously. Maintain a straight sitting position and slightly pull your navel towards the direction of your spine. 

Hold your shoulders backward while squeezing your elbows and then shift them back. Hold on for a few seconds and release. Position your arms close to your sides. 

Throughout the whole workout, ensure your spine is in a straight position. Return to the starting position, take a pause, and repeat. A complete exercise involves three sets, each with ten reps.

Bicycle Crunch.


Sit on the floor and be stable. Secure the resistance band using both soles on your feet by slightly making a loop. 

Bend your knees fully and use the heels of your feet as your contact on the floor, then slightly lean backward in a 45-degree angle. 

The movement should allow for the engagement of your core. Using your fingertips .gently touch the back of your ears and use your center to make half rotations at the waist area. 

The rotation should allow your right elbow in contact with the left knee while your right leg fully straightens out. 

Alternate the position and let your left elbow touch the right knee and then fully straighten out your left leg. Pause between the shifts and continue with the workout.

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Single-Leg T Row.

Stand upright and spread your feet to the full width of your hips. Form a small loop on one end of the resistance band and secure it using your right foot. 

Hold the other end in your left hand firmly. Slowly shift all your weight to the right leg until you can stably stand. 

Gently make a hinge and lead forward while extending the left leg straightly behind you. 

Ensure your chest fully faces the floor for better results. Using a little effort, pull the resistance band towards your chest to allow your elbow move straight and back while close to your side. 

Return to the starting position, alternate, and then repeat.

Best Resistance Band Exercises for Your Core

Before you start, ensure you are using a resistance band that you are comfortable with to avoid hurting yourself.

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