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Elbow Tendonitis Rehab with Bands

Resistance Band Exercise For Elbow Tendonitis

Elbow tendonitis is a condition caused by the overstretching of muscles that coordinate the movement of the wrist and fingers. 

The condition affects the main tendons in and out of the elbow. Resistance bands help in the strengthening of these muscles. 

The resistance bands offer a variety of resistance to enable you to move your fingers with a lot of ease. Below are some of the exercises you can do to help you regain pain-free movement.

Concentric Exercises.

The main target of this type of workout is to help you lift objects with minimal effort. Firstly, sit in a stable position.

Tie one end of the band to form a loop and secure it with one foot. Rest the forearm of the hand you want to exercise on the thigh while your palm faces down.

Use the opposite side to pull up the resistance band over the back of the hand. In this position, the wrist should slightly bend backward against the resistance. Hold for a minimum of 3 seconds then slowly lower the wrist to the starting position.

Repeat the workout ten times in three complete rows for better results

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Wrist Flexion.

While sitting on a chair, step on the end of your resistance band with both feet. Hold the other side of the resistance band using the arm you want to exercise. 

Ensure your palm faces the roof for a much firmer grip. 

Position your arm on the parallel thigh for support. Slowly bend your wrist in an upward manner and hold for approximately three seconds. 

Return the arm slowly it to its original position and hold for five seconds, then repeat. Do three complete rounds then shift to the other arm.

Eccentric Workout.

Eccentric exercise will mainly help you to move your arm towards a lower direction. 

The primary focus is at the area where there are muscles that aid in the bending of the wrist backward. In a sitting position, knot a resistance band on the arm you would like to exercise. Rest your right hand using the elbow on the right thigh. 

At this point, your arm should hang with the palm facing down then lift the wrist as well as the resistance band. Maintain a backward movement while bending slightly. 

In this new position, the helping hand will free, letting the exercising arm to hold the resistance band. 

Systematically, the wrist will slowly move lower against the resistance of the resistance band until it goes back to the starting position. Hold for a few seconds, then repeat ten times.

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How to Fix Elbow Tendonitis with Resistance Band Exercises

The best way to identify elbow tendinitis is the presence of inner elbow pain. 

Although most people who face this condition are golf players, any other person can also be affected. Resistance bands will work to give you back the strength, and later you can focus on the building of muscles. 

Follow the workouts as mentioned above, and in a short period, you will start feeling the relief. However, in case of very severe pain, please seek a bit of professional advice to avoid causing any further damages.

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