Resistance Band Exercises for Neck Pain

The Best Resistance Band Exercises for Neck Pain

Neck pain can make everyday tasks such as cooking and sitting at your desk much more difficult. The reasons behind pain in the neck area are numerous, which can sometimes make it challenging to find a solution. Thankfully, there are a few tried and tested methods that can easily relieve a significant amount of discomfort you might face dealing with neck issues. Resistance band exercises are well known for having a great effect on improving neck muscle strength and health, so here’s some of the best exercises you should practice.

Resistance Band Lateral Flex

Slowly moving your neck in a lateral motion, you can strengthen the muscles throughout your entire neck. Simply using a resistance band to apply gentle pressure to the side of your heck, all you need to do is to tilt your head back and forth laterally. Doing the motion for a few minutes over the course of days to weeks, you’ll gradually notice improvements in pain felt throughout the area. As the muscles strengthen, you won’t be as prone to muscle exhaustion and other basic causes of neck problems.

Resistance Band Forward Head Tilt

In addition to lateral movements, you should also strengthen the largest neck muscles, which are located on the back of your neck. Using a resistance band, slowly tilt your head forward until your chin touches your chest. From there, slowly bring your head back to an upright position and repeat the motion. The movement ensures that all major components of your neck muscles are gently strengthened through each motion. Just like lateral exercises, it will take a few days to weeks to notice tangible improvements. Consistently doing forward head tilts will lead to much lower neck pain.

Resistance Band Backward Neck Extensions

The opposite of the forward head tilt is backward neck extensions, which also require the use of a resistance band. For backward extensions, you will need to use a bench or any other surface where you can remain on your belly while elevated above the ground. The starting position for these extensions is having your head already lowered towards the ground. From there, using the resistance band, you want to slowly move your head up. During the motion, you’ll notice more muscles stretch in the sides and back of your neck. The backward extension allows for muscles that aren’t directly targeted during forward head tilts to also get a bit of a workout.

Treating Neck Pain with Resistance Band Exercises

Start Slow and Remain Cautious

From neck extensions to forward head tilts, all of these exercises are immensely effective in improving neck health and preventing pain. However, the muscles and nerves found in the neck are very sensitive and fragile. Hence, you shouldn’t approach these resistance band exercises as you would with other parts of your body in the gym. Always take it slow when starting these new helpful exercises to allow your neck to adjust and get used to these motions. Soon, you’ll have no issue practicing these workouts, noticing a drastic improvement in any issues you experience through your neck.