Basketball Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance Band Training Exercises for Basketball Players

Best Band Workouts for Basketball Players.

Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of strength and energy for a player to perform efficiently. The whole body has to tone to get the relevant muscles to provide enough power. Resistance bands have proven time and again to be effective in the helping of building strength all through the body. As a basketball player, incorporating the below resistance band exercises will leave you with a significant increase in the amount of power.

Triceps Extension.

In a standing position, hold one end of the resistance band using your left hand then position it behind your back at the height as your chest. Secure the other end using your other hand then slightly bend your elbow. At this point, your right hand should be against your right ear while its back is right above your shoulder. Gently extend your right hands elbow until your arm achieves a straight position. Take a five seconds pause, then slowly return to your starting position and start all over again following the steps accurately.

Bicep Curl.

In a stable standing position, spread your feet to the exact width of your shoulders. Slightly bend your knees and then step at the center of the resistance band using both feet. Secure both ends of the resistance band firmly using both hands simultaneously and face your palms downward. Hang your arms and pull your elbows close to your sides. With the help of your elbows, slowly curl the resistance band till it reaches your shoulders. Ensure your back and head are in a straight position all through the workout for better results. Take five seconds to pause, then return to your starting positions and repeat the steps precisely.


In a stable standing position, place your feet apart to the exact width of your hips. Using your left leg, step back almost 2 feet away and stand using the ball of the foot. Secure one end of the resistance band using your other front foot and hold the other end by your arm while it is slightly bent. You should look as if you are holding your chin. Ensure your head and back are in a straight position all through for better results. Gently bend on the direction of your right hip and slowly proceed until your thigh is parallel to the ground.Your whole body should then fall in a straight line downwards.Take a five seconds pause, then slowly return to the starting position. Shift the resistance band to the opposite leg and repeat the whole workout following the steps accurately.

Best Band Exercises for Basketballers

Monster Walks.

The best type of resistance band for this workout is the small type that creates tension when your feet are apart. Secure the resistance band around your ankles and slightly bend your knees until you achieve a quarter squat. Gently start taking wide steps in a forward direction for thirty-seconds, then shift and start moving backward.

The above workouts target all the muscles that will give you sufficient strength. It is advisable to do only the recommended rounds to avoid overstretching muscles that will result in you not participating in your game. Furthermore, follow all the steps as directed to achieve better results within a short period.