Hip Stability Exercises

Best Resistance Band Exercises for Hip Stability

If you are trying to improve hip stability on your body, resistance band exercises can be very helpful. You may have never thought of using these before, but if you are doing free weights or other forms of exercises, this could be a great addition to what you are doing right now. Hip stability is also related to pelvic stability. This can help if you are doing core exercises. Here are some of the top resistance band exercises for hip stability that you can start doing today.

Banded Squats

Most people do squats with either a machine or free weights. If you are using free weights, this is going to require a spotter. Instead of worrying about the potential for injuries that can occur, you might want to start with squats that use these elastic bands. If you get stronger, you can always use ones with increased amounts of tension. If there is ever a problem, you can simply release them and you will be fine.

Lateral Band Walks

These are very useful as moving laterally when exercising can help build your hips very rapidly. It is an unnatural movement, yet when it is controlled by using these elastic bands, you can gradually develop muscle, balance, and definition to this area of your body. However, you may also want to do an exercise that can build your core at the same time. These banded clamshell exercises are the next ones you should try.

Banded Clamshells

What you will want to do here is wrap the bands around your upper thighs. You will then want to raise your buttocks to the sky while lying on your back. This can build your core, but it’s also useful in helping to improve hip stability. By making sure that the hips are moving at the same time, equal amounts of pressure will be distributed. These can be very helpful in developing your mid and thigh muscles in ways that are simply not possible doing regular core exercises.

These are just a few of the many hip and knee exercises that you can do when using resistance bands that are designed to help promote hip stability. The more stable your hips are, the easier it will be to build more muscle and stamina along the way. These will take some extra time. It’s also important to use bands that are appropriate for your current level. That’s why obtaining resistance bands that are already calibrated is the key to gradual improvements without the possibility of injuring yourself.