Hockey Players Resistance Band Training

Best Resistance Band Exercises For Hockey Players

Hockey players have specific training needs. Most of these are taken care of in the rink or at the gym. However, at times it is necessary, or desirable, to workout from home.

In this case, resistance band exercises are a great option, especially for athletes that are stuck at home. Not only can resistance bands be used at home without any problem, but they can also be convenient, practical, and fun at the gym.

So, where should you start? In this article, we will briefly go over the top three resistance band exercises for hockey players. This will give you a great starting point if the idea of exercising with rubber bands is new to you.

Resistance bands are great for strengthening your wrists, which will improve your ability to manoeuvre and maintain your hockey stick. A simple exercise is to put the resistance band around your fingers with the palm of your hand upwards. Support your forearm at a 90-degree angle with your other hand. Then curl your fingers and wrist up and down.

A second recommended exercise using resistance bands is one that works on your shot and is rather enjoyable. To start the exercise, tie a resistance band to your hockey stick right before the end of the shaft and right before the heel begins. Step forward and take a swing at an imaginary puck. While the exercise seems quite simple, you will be surprised by the effectiveness of it, especially as far as balance goes.

The third exercise that we will mention here is Bulgarian split squats. It is no secret that these make up an essential part of any hockey players training exercise. Resistance bands can multiply the effectiveness of Bulgarian split squats. Instead of using a bench to support your back leg, extend it in the middle of a resistance band.

Not only does this help with balance, but it also eliminates the possibility of “cheating”. It has been proven that most athletes “cheat” by assisting with their rear leg, especially when tired.

As we have seen, there are some very efficient and easy ways to keep in shape while at home. The exercises that we mentioned above are very effective, convenient and practical for at-home training.

Resistance Band Training Exercises for Hockey Players

While we have mentioned three of the best exercises for hockey players to use resistance bands, there are many more ways to put them to good use. We suggest that you start with these three and we are sure that you will bee hooked on them in no time!