Over 60s Resistance Band Workouts

A Guide To The Best Resistance Band Exercises For Adults Over 60

Resistance training, also known as strength training, is a collective of exercises that seniors can perform to enhance their endurance and increase their muscular strength. This type of training makes your muscles move against the tension. Resistance bands are one of the best ways to encourage this tension while exercising.

By incorporating resistance band training into your exercise routine each day, you will find that you will improve several aspects of your overall physical health such as:

– Range of motion
– Flexibility
– Balance
– Coordination
– Muscular strength

This type of training also fights against arthritis symptoms and bone loss.

Sadly, many seniors over the age of 60 are not enjoying the advantages of resistance band exercises because they do not exercise. Even the ones who do choose to workout are likely not including resistance or strength training into their regimen. They probably perform cardio exercises such as walking. However, the best forms of exercise for everyone, including seniors, is a combination of strength training, balance, flexibility and cardio.

Chest Pull

Sit down in a sturdy chair and make sure your core is tight and back is straight. Take both ends of the resistance band and position them in the front of your chest and the elbows should be slightly bent. If you find that the band is too long, fold it in half before you start using it.

As you exhale, pull on the band and bring it near your chest. Try to straighten your arms as you do so.
Inhale and release the resistance band. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times and work up to 15 repetitions.

Bicep Curl

Stand in the middle of the resistance band with your feet flat on the floor. Grip the other end of the band with your hands. Raise your arms up to chest height and then return them to the starting position. Repeat this exercise at 10 times and increase up to 15 repetitions. This exercise can be performed in a standing or sitting position.


Stand in the middle of the resistance band and make sure both of your feet are flat. Take the ends of the resistance band in each hand. Bend your knees slowly until you are in a squat position. Your back should be straight and your knees should not be in front of your toes. Also, make sure your buttocks are engaged.

Return to the standing position and repeat 10 to 15 times.

Resistance Band Training for Over 60

Resistance band exercises can make a huge difference in those who are 60 and over. The exercises can prevent bone loss and improve cognitive health.