Resistance Band Workouts for Hamstring Strength

What Are The Best Resistance Band Exercises For Hamstring Strength

Believe it or not, but building hamstring strength doesn’t require free weights or free-weight deadlifting exercises. You can build a significant amount of hamstring strength by just using resistance band exercises.

There are various exercises you can incorporate into your workout routine. Finding the best exercises really comes down to figuring out what exercises you enjoy and which ones are going to offer you the best results. Trying different exercises out is a good way to find out what works best for you. In this article, we will be going over some of the best resistance band exercises for hamstring strength.

Best Hamstring Resistance Band Exercises:

1. Squats

If you are going to be looking to build your hamstring strength, you should look to get some type of squats in your routine. You want to use resistance bands to help improve your hamstring strength and even your balance. To perform this exercise, you would want to put the band right above your knees and put yourself in a squatting position with your feet around shoulder-width apart. Then, simply squat until your knees are bent at a right angle. If it’s not difficult for you, consider dipping even lower. Regardless, this exercise will help to build up hamstring strength and allow you to generate greater stability in your knees and hips.

2. Deadlift

This is another good exercise that you should look to incorporate into your hamstring strengthening routine. You can actually perform a deadlift exercise with only resistance bands. To perform this exercise, simply place the band into a looped position with your feet standing on it. Then, you will want to bend down until your chest is reaching over your feet. Keeping your back completely straight, engage your core and lift up with your legs. This will help you engage your hamstring muscles and allow you to engage it all at once.

3. Leg Extension

This is another good exercise that you should look to incorporate into your routine. You want to lie down with each of your legs completely extended. Wrap the band around each individual leg and bend your knees into your chest and go back to the starting position of having straight extended legs.

4. Step Outs

Another exercise that you are going to want to engage in would be step-outs. Step outs are an effective exercise because they help you work out muscles that don’t often get engaged. Simply tie the band around your calves and have your legs at shoulder-width. From there, simply extend one leg out at a time and you will be able to engage¬†your hamstring muscles to build up strength in the area.


Overall, resistance bands are some of the best pieces of workout equipment you can have in your exercise routine. If you are looking to improve strength in your muscles and if you are looking to maximise flexibility and movement, they are an excellent alternative to free weights. By using bands, you will be able to maintain a high level of flexibility while getting in very effective workouts for your muscles.