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Best Resistance Band Exercises for Bad Knees

What Are The Best Resistance Band Exercises For Bad Knees?

Resistance bands can do wonders for those with bad knees. 

Unfortunately, exercising with free weights and machines can be very tough on the knees. 

Not only can it be painful, but it can actually make the problem worse, while light resistance may be just good enough.

What Are The Best Exercises?

1. Hip Extension While Laying Down

With your back against the floor, you will want to lay flat. From there, you will hook the resistance bands on your feet once at a time. 

Be sure to create a good amount of resistance by tightening the bands. To perform the exercise, simply extend the knee out completely straight and pull your leg up until it reaches your chest. 

From there, you will push back on the band until it’s in the straight starting position.

2. Standing Leg Extension

If you are dealing with knee pain, it can be caused by having imbalances and instability in the region.

This exercise can help you strengthen these areas and improve any pain you are experiencing. To perform this exercise, you will want to hook up the band and secure it or tie it to a door-frame, tree, or pole.

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From there, you will stand up straight and loop the band around one foot at a time. You will then extend your leg out completely straight so you are using your quad muscles without feeling too much pain in your knees.

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3. Glute Extension

This is another rather effective resistance band exercise that you can integrate into your routine. 

The purpose of this is to loosen your glutes to increase flexibility in your hamstrings and throughout your leg region. Having tight hamstrings can contribute to knee pain. 

To perform this exercise, you will want to utilise the resistance band and lay down with your face up. 

Simply bend your leg and using the band completely pull the leg as far as possible over the right side of your body as much as you can. 

This can improve your flexibility in your glutes and hamstrings which can alleviate a lot of the pressure they put on your knee.

4. Leg Lifts

This is another good exercise that you can easily incorporate into your routine which should allow you to minimise knee pain. 

You will want to stand directly next to a chair or something to balance yourself. From there, you can affix the band around both of your ankles. 

You will then want to lift each leg out one by one without moving your midsection at all. Do this for 10 repetitions in order to get in a good exercise. 

This will work your hamstrings to help strengthen them to get better stability and control with your legs while walking and running.

Overall, there are a variety of resistance band exercises you can incorporate into your routine when you are looking to decrease any instance of knee pain or discomfort.
You want to work to not only strengthen the region surrounding your knees but also to stretch out the muscles and the area surrounding the area, as well.
All of this can contribute to more flexibility and less inflammation and strain.
Try to incorporate some of the exercises above to see what works and what doesn’t work for you.
Some exercises might be too difficult or some might require more balance than you have.
If so, you can find something to help you balance to make it easier to perform.


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