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Best Resistance Band Workouts For Boxers.

Boxing is a sport that demands a lot of endurance and strength. The following exercises can play a key role in developing solid punching power.


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Chest Press.

The first step is to locate an anchor where you will secure the middle of the resistance band, and it should be at the height of your neck. 

Stand in a stable position with your back facing the anchor and firmly hold the ends of the resistance band with both hands simultaneously. 

Ensure there’s enough tension for you to move your arms around without using much effort.

At this position, bend your arms so that your palms are almost meeting at your chest. For better results, move slightly ahead to tighten the resistance band. 

Move your arms forward till they are in a straight line and turn your palms downward to allow your knuckles face up. 

Hold for a second, then slowly return to your starting position. Make repetitions as required.

Front Raise.

In this workout, you will have to secure the middle of your resistance band on an anchor on the ground.

Stand in a stable position with your back facing the anchor and spread your legs to the full width of your shoulders.

Hold both ends of the resistance band firmly using both hands. There should be some tension in the resistance band for the exercise to be more productive.

Also, confirm if you can move your arms comfortably.


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In a well-calculated manner, stretch out your arms upwards then outwards to their maximum length.

Take two seconds to break then slowly move your arms down to the starting position. Hold and make repetitions.

Lateral Pull Down.

Secure your resistance band on an immobile object like a closed door to an area above your head. 

Stand facing the anchor and firmly hold both ends of the resistance band using both hands. 

Move back slowly to create some tension on the resistance band. It should slightly stretch out to allow you to move your arms freely.

Lift both arms to achieve a height just above your shoulders. 

Move your arms behind and let your elbows point towards you, then pause for a second and return to your starting position. You can go through the procedure in a sitting post.

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Hamstring Raises.

Secure the center of your resistance band at the bottom of an immobile object. 

Form small loops at each end of the resistance band and firmly attach them to your ankles, then lie on the floor and place both hands at the center of your chest. 

Your elbows should be outward but close to your sides. Ensure the resistance band is neither too loose nor too tight to allow you to move your legs freely. 

Slowly move your feet up till they achieve a ninety degrees angle. Hold then move them down to your starting position. Pause for a second and repeat.

Perhaps the best thing about resistance band training for boxers is the unique flexibility and variability that the bands offer.

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