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Best Resistance Band Exercises for Calves

Best Resistance Band Work Outs To Build Muscles On Your Calves.

Exercises to build your leg and calf muscles.

Standing Glute Kickbacks.

The sole purpose of this work out is to help in the strengthening of the glutes and hamstrings. 

Firstly take the band and place it around your ankles while your feet are being apart from the hips area. While standing stably, shift all your weight to one leg of your choice. Use the other leg to slowly kick back in a backward position for about eight inches. 

Make a reverse movement while your foot is up and slowly tap the ground behind your foot. The fundamental trick here is stability, and this will only come about if you use the correct resistant band.

Side Tap And Squat Jump.

Position the resistant band around the calf, shin, and importantly on the ankle area for you to achieve a strong position. 

This work out focuses the muscle gain on the butt, hamstrings, saddlebags, and legs. The impact comes about once more while you perform the exercise on-air, achieving a squat instead of the initial squat jump.

Lying Leg Lifts.

This position comes around thoroughly if you are lying in a side position. Primary targets are the hip abductor muscles. Ensure you position your band well on the ankles in a tighter mode while on the knees. Place your head while propping on your hand and rest it on the biceps while supporting yourself with the lower arm. Raise your upper leg in an upward posture as high as you can and then gently lower it. Make repetitions slowly and steadily. Complete the steps on both sides, one at a time. Ensure your upper leg is always in line with the lower leg for better stability.

Hip Bridges.

Hip bridges mainly focus on building muscles and strength on the glutes and hamstrings.

While lying on your back, place the band above your knees with your hips in a wide apart position.

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Squeeze the glutes while pressing down through the heels to shift your pelvis upward and make sure your knees achieve a 90-degree bend.

While doing this, it is essential to always engage your abs for better stability. Make a reverse of the same position gently. When making the movements, push your knees against the band to position them parallel to the shoulders.

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Runners Extensions.

Runners extensions majorly target the strengthening of hip flexors and abdominals. In a lying position, place the band at the center of both feet. 

Lift your feet off the ground gently to achieve a 90-degree posture with your knees and hips. Ensure your shins are parallel to the roof for a more stable position. 

Maintain your feet and knees hip-width apart to gain tension in the band. Anchor one leg in place while pressing against the exercise band to successfully extend the opposite leg. 

Reverse the movement for repetitions. To ensure the band doesn’t slide off, flex your foot to the anchor leg.

Best Resistance Band Exercises for Calves

While you are looking to carry out these exercises, pay attention to what your muscles are telling you, as by doing this you can help to avoid injuries.


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