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Resistance Band Exercises to Improve Your Posture

How to Improve Your Posture with Resistance Bands

The Best Resistance Exercises for Good Posture

Improving your posture comes with plenty of tangible health benefits. However, the majority of people working in desk jobs and other similar jobs have many problems with their posture.

Correcting posture is a relatively simple task, especially if you have a handy resistance band at home. Here are some of the best resistance exercises you should practice when looking to improve your posture.


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Resistance Band Shoulder Rolls

The vast majority of people with bad posture have inflexible and rigid shoulders. The first priority for anyone wishing to improve their posture should be to correct any shoulder problems they currently face. 

Using resistance bands, it’s very easy to exercise your shoulders so that inflexibility becomes a thing of the past. Shoulder rolls are a simple exercise that involves rolling your shoulders frontwards and backward using a resistance band. 

The rolling motion stretches out the many joints and muscles in the shoulders, making them more flexible. The increase in flexibility will serve useful when trying to correct posture.

Gym Band Exercises for A Better Posture – Fix Bad Posture

Resistance Band Low Rows

Shoulder rolls help get the shoulder area more flexible, while low rows help strengthen the shoulders to support better posture. Low rows are yet another simple resistance band exercise that involves pulling your arms backward like rowing a boat.

These low rows focus specifically on the lower back muscles that are incredibly important when you consider their role in supporting the rest of the upper body. By strengthening your lower back, you will have built a solid foundation to provide the rest of your body with the strength it needs to have a better posture. 

After a week or two of these low rows, you should notice a tangible decrease in the pressure you feel throughout the upper part of your body.

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Resistance Band Shoulder Stretches

While strengthening your lower back is vital for better posture, you also have to bolster up the flexibility of your shoulder joints. The shoulders are perhaps the most important area of the body in regard to posture. 

Without strong and flexible shoulders, you will not get good posture, no matter how hard you try. Hence, doing dynamic stretches with a resistance band is the best way to ensure your shoulders become as flexible as possible. 

When combined with shoulder rolls, resistance band shoulder stretches are the perfect combination for maximizing the flexibility of your shoulder area. Just a few days of these stretches and you should see a noticeable improvement in your posture.

Resistance Band Spine Extensions

Once you’ve built more flexibility through shoulder rolls and stretches, it’s time to focus on another fundamental aspect to posture, your spine. Your spine is incredibly powerful in supporting your entire torso through all of the basic movements you perform each day. 

Hence, it makes sense that the spine is also integral to your posture. Weak and inflexible spines are detrimental to any effort to improve posture. 

It’s crucial you include spine extensions and stretches with resistance bands into your daily workout routines when seeking to get better posture.

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