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Best Resistance Band Exercises for Judo

Despite what some people may believe, having a strong core is essential for many sports including judo. There are four main functions that the core provides and resistance band training can increase performance and strength in this area of the body.

These four functions are:

– Rotation
– Stabilisation
– Straight line extension
– Straight line flexion

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Rotational Training

There are numerous different exercises you can perform to increase the rotational function of your core.

When doing Hi-Low band chops, be sure to use a resistance band that is heavy enough so that it will be difficult for you to easily complete 8 chops. Always hold the contraction at the end for one beat and then return to the starting position. You can repeat 4 sets of this exercise at 6 to 8 reps.

Judo Resistance Band Training

Stick twists are higher rep resistance band exercises. You can attach your resistance bands to a broomstick if you do not have an Olympic bar. However, it is important that you do not just go through the movements of swinging back and forth. You should concentrate making sure you initiate your core with each movement.

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Contraction Training

These are exercises that are straight line contraction exercises. This means that if twisting throws are an essential part of your judo game, then you can tweak these exercises by adding twists to personalise the exercises to your needs.

To perform resistance band hanging leg raises, loop a resistance band either around a weight plate or a dumbbell behind you. Take the resistance band and place it around both ankles.

Lead with your toes and make sure to keep your legs as straight as you can. Raise both of your legs until they are parallel with the floor.

The higher your legs are able to go, the more you feel the tension in the band. As a result, the movement will become more difficult to perform.

As you lower your legs, remain in control of the movement until both feet are in front of the hips slightly. This will help to keep tension in your core muscles during the entire set.

You can complete suspension reverse crunches with specific bands that are slightly different from resistance bands. They are referred to as suspension trainers. This is a very effective core exercise that will give you more flexibility due to the free movement of the suspension trainer.

Kneel with your back facing the suspension trainer and place feet in each of the foot cradles. Then, assume the push-up position by supporting your body with either your elbows or your hands.

Lift your hips and pull your knees into your chest. The movement should resemble a reverse crunch. Extend the legs into the starting position and repeat.

The debate continues among judo trainers as to how much rotational and contractional training is really needed for students. These exercises, combined with resistance bands, give students a balancing, beneficial effect whilst training that will improve their functional strength and performance.

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