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Top 3 Resistance Band Exercises For Love Handles?

Best Resistance Band Exercises For Love Handles?

Despite the name, most people do not love the extra layer of body fat that appears on the side of the waist, known as love handles 😉

Here are 3 simple resistance band exercises you can add to your exercise regimen and, along with a healthy diet, to tone the obliques and shrink your waist.

Recommended Band Exercises for Toning Your Love Handles:

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Wood Chops

This resistance band exercise simulates the two motions that are used to chop wood, and it burns fat on the side and front of the abdomen.

By simply adding a resistance band, you will instantly increase the difficulty of the exercise.

To begin wood chops, take one end of the resistance band and attach it to either a door knob or another type of stationary anchor so it will act as a high pulley. 

Take the other end of the resistance band and wrap it around both hands.

Stand at a distance from the door knob or anchor object. This will remove any slackness that may be in the band. Keep your knees slightly bent and feet at shoulder-width apart.

Take your arms and extend them over your shoulders so they will be at the closest point to the anchor. Begin moving your arms downward and across your chest towards the opposite hip. You will be mimicking sheathing a sword.

Return to the starting position slowly and repeat 10 times for at least two sets.

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Side Planks

his is considered to be one of the most effective exercises for conditioning the core muscles, including the obliques. By adding a resistance band to this exercise, you will be challenging the muscles that are on the side of your torso (obliques).

Lie on your left side, and use your left forearm to prop yourself up. Take your right leg and stack it on top of the left leg, whilst keeping both of your legs straight.

Take the resistance band and loop it around both feet and hold the other end of the band in your right hand. Then, lift your body in an upward position so your torso, hips and legs are in a straight line. 

Hold this position and raise your right leg against the resistance of the band.

Slowly lower your right leg until it gets close to the leg foot without touching it. Repeat 10 to 15 times on one side before switching sides.

Side Bends

Bending to the side, also known as lateral flexion movements, can help burn fat around the oblique muscles. To perform this exercise, take the resistance band and place it on the floor. Stand in the middle of the band and keep your feet shoulder-width apart.

Take the handles or ends of the resistance bands and hold them on your right and left sides. Be sure there is no slack in the band.

Whilst you are exhaling, slowly lean to the right and slide your right hand down your right leg. You will simultaneously pull the resistance band up on your left side. Then, inhale and return to the starting position.

Then, repeat the same movement on the opposite side. Perform 10 to 15 reps for at least one set.

Doing these 3 resistance band exercises, combining them with a consistent cardio – strength training program and a healthy diet, you will start to notice that your love handles will melt away.

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