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Rock Climbers Resistance Band Exercise Training

Top Resistance Band Exercises For Rock Climbers.

Rock climbing is a very involving activity that requires a lot of strength. You utilise, many muscles within your body just to be able to put up with the pressure.

Since you will mainly use your hands for support, most rock climbing exercise focus on this part. However, resistance bands help you to build strength throughout your entire body.

Below is a compilation of some of the best workouts you can practise to ensure you have better climbing power.



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Chest Flies.

The main focus of this workout is to help you gain strength to make accurate compression moves. The first step is to secure the resistance band to an immobile object and ensure the positioning level is to the exact height of your shoulders. 

While facing in the opposite direction, hold both ends of the resistance band using both hands simultaneously. Place one foot in front of the other. Raise your arms to the height of your shoulders and maintain them in a straight position. 

Straighten out your elbows and pull the resistance band with your arms moving towards each other while your palms face inward. Gently return to your initial post and start over again.

Side Plank.

The primary focus is on the deltoid muscles, triceps and upper trapezoid, which provide you with the more significant percentage of strength when pulling up. Secure a resistance band 3 feet off the floor. 

Lie down on your side while your head is facing away from the resistance band. Use your elbow for support by placing it under your shoulder and stack your feet on each other. Using your top hand, secure the resistance band and maintain your shoulders in a straight position. 

Ensure your glutes are tight enough for the exercise to be effective. Slowly lift yourself off the floor and hold for a few seconds. While in this position, press the resistance band from your shoulders to over your head, locking out the elbow. 

Continue pushing until the resistance band gains tension then return to your starting position and shift to the other side.

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Shoulder Abduction.

The main target of this workout is to help you improve your gaston press moves while you are on your hands. 

Also, the strength of your pectoral and deltoid muscles will surely increase. In a stable standing position, pin down one end of the resistance band using both feet. Hold the other end in one hand and create some tension. 

Raise the arm holding the resistance band in an outward direction while you maintain your elbow in a straight position. Maintain your back in a straight posture all through the workout. When holding the resistance band on your hand, raise your thumb for better results. 

Hold on for approximately three seconds and gently return to the starting position. Take a pause and shift the resistance band to your other hand then repeat the whole process.

Best Resistance Band Training Exercises for Rock Climbers

If you want to achieve results within a short period, repeat the exercises at least ten times in every row. While working out, ensure you are gentle to avoid overstretching of your muscles. Also, do the recommended rounds and avoid overworking your body.

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