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Trapezius Workouts with Resistance Bands

Resistance Band Workouts For Your Trapezius

The trapezius is a muscle originating below the skull to the neck and across the shoulders. It goes further down the spine, forming a v kind of shape, giving the back depth.

If you are looking to build strength around these specific part of your upper body, below are some of the best workouts you can follow.



Tomshoo Band Sets

High Row.

The main focus of this exercise is to build strength on the muscles on your upper back and shoulders. Also, the upper and lower trapezius will profoundly feel the impact. 

Firstly, secure the resistance band on a stationary object and stand facing it. Sit on the ground just where you were standing. Hold both ends simultaneously using both hands. 

Maintain your back in a straight position through the whole workout to gain the results quickly. Slowly move your torso backwards. 

The movement should slightly pull the resistance band towards your body. Hold for two seconds then return to your starting position. Take a break then repeat. 

Shoulder Press.

The primary focus of this workout is on the shoulders, trapezius and slightly on the triceps. In a standing position, place the resistance band down. 

Stand on it and position your legs apart to the width of your shoulders. Using both hands, hold the ends of the resistance band and slowly raise your hands to the level above your head. 

Extend out your arms to the direction in front of you and then bring them up. Maintain this position for five seconds then return to your starting position. Take a pause then repeat. A complete work out includes two full sets each with fifteen reps.

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Reverse Fly.

The main target of this work out is on the middle and lower trapezius, lateral and posterior deltoid. Secure the resistance band on an immovable object and stand facing it. 

Take both ends using your hands simultaneously and straighten out your arms. Ensure you place your arms at the height of your shoulders. 

Gently pull both sides of the band out towards the sides of your body. Fully stretch your hands to their maximum width. Once you finish return to your starting position and repeat the step. 

A complete workout should include two sets, each with fifteen reps.

Best Resistance Band Exercises for Your Traps

If you want to achieve results within a short period, ensure you exercise discipline. Strictly follow all the steps to the end with precision. 

Be gentle to avoid overstretching your muscles which can result in injuries. Furthermore, it is advisable that you only do the recommended rounds to give your body an allowance to breathe before you take on the next workout. 

During workouts, you should also avoid indulging in the habits that result in the need to work out the relevant muscles. 

Activities like sitting on a computer for extended periods are not healthy for the trapezius.

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