Swimming Resistance Band Exercises

Best Resistance Band Workouts For Swimmers.

Swimming is a sport that requires you to have the right amount of strength on the upper part of your body, specifically your arms and shoulders. Shoulders being an integral part, they are prone to getting injuries. The injury is commonly known as swimmers’ shoulder. Resistance bands are a great and effective way to help swimmers regain back their strength through unique workouts. The exercise will also help your back and arms while you don’t use a lot of effort. Below is a compilation of the top three workouts you can adopt as a swimmer.

Flaps Stretch.

The main target for this type of workout is the lateral and deltoid muscles since they are mostly overused during swimming sessions. Hold both ends of the exercise band using both hands simultaneously. Ensure the grip is firm for an easy process. Stretch out your hands above your head while you lock your elbows. Maintain your arms in a straight position and slightly pull downward away from your shoulders. To achieve the best results, you should feel like a bird flapping its wings.

Dynamic Hug.

Form small loops on both ends of the resistance band and firmly grip them using both hands. Slowly bend your elbows to achieve a 45 degrees angle. Ensure your shoulders are slightly in a higher position. Push your arms forward and inward as if you are hugging someone. While you perform the movements, ensure your arms are in a stable, raised position. Continue with the actions for almost ten times, then take five seconds to break.


The main focus of curls is the biceps. Biceps help you to stroke water with minimal effort. In a standing position, pin one end of the resistance band firmly using your right foot. Hold the other end using your right hand and ensure the grip is firm as well. Position your arm in a resting posture near you while your palms face outward. Slightly bend your elbow and pull the resistance band in the direction of your shoulder. Move back your arm gently to your side. At this point, you will be completing your workout. Slowly go back to the starting position and take a break. Shift the resistance band to the left hand and repeat the procedure.

Resistance Band Training Exercises for Swimming

Resistance band exercises are efficient. However, you should exercise caution when using them. Ensure you do the workouts slowly and gently to avoid any further injuries. Follow the guidelines to the latter if you want to achieve results within a short duration. Repeat the exercise at least ten times while taking short breaks of about five seconds in between.