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Best Resistance Band Exercises for Bingo Wings

The Best Exercise Band Routines for Bingo Wings

Bingo wings are notoriously hard to remove, but don’t give up resistance could be just what you’ve been missing out on. 

With this in mind, here are some of the best resistance band exercises you need to do in order to get rid of your bingo wings.

Resistance Band Front Raises

When getting rid of bingo wings, you must focus on areas of your body that directly cause the bodily feature from occurring in the first place. 

Front raises, using resistance bands, is perhaps the best exercise available when trying to target the root cause of your bingo wings. 

Front raises are immensely easy to perform, simply requiring you to use the bands to lift your arms up and down in a forward motion. 

Once you’ve done front raises for a few weeks, you’ll begin to see shrinkage in the fat deposits causing your bingo wings.

Resistance Band Tricep Extension

Front raises are the best exercise for removing bingo wings, but another close contender is tricep extensions. 

Your triceps are fundamentally connected to all of the muscles that cause bingo wings to appear, making them an important area to focus on. 

Tricep extensions simply involve you using the bands while extending your arms forward. 

Your triceps are located slightly above your biceps, but lower than your shoulders. Focusing on your tricep area, you should get a good workout that involves not only your triceps, but the entire side of your body. 

Completing tricep resistance band extensions for a few weeks, and you’ll definitely see improvements.

Resistance Band Curls

In the same fashion as your triceps, your biceps also play an important role in promoting the growth of bingo wings. 

You’ll notice that when you use your biceps, a range of different muscles throughout the side of your body is activated. 

With this in mind, you’ll want to set up the resistance bands so that each time you complete a curl, you’re getting a great workout radiating throughout your entire body. 

Targeted the biceps, you’ll notice that your bingo wings will shrink with each passing day you do these exercises. 

Completing both bicep and tricep exercises, you’ll be quickly and effectively removing unwanted fat on the sides of your body.

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Exercise Band Workouts for Bingo Wings

Resistance Band Overhead Extension


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Bicep and tricep extensions target the main components of bingo wings, however you also want to target smaller areas of the bodily feature as well.

Smaller components of bingo wings are best dealt with using overhead extensions with the resistance bands. All you have to do is set up the bands and push both arms straight over your head.

The long stretch over your head will activate smaller muscles, reducing fat throughout your back and sides.

Doing overhead extension with resistance bands, you’ll quickly remove smaller components of fat that compose your bingo wings.

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