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Resistance Band Exercises for Osteoporosis

Best Resistance Band Exercises for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is defined as one of the disorders whereby an overall decrease in the bone mass of an individual along with the linked structural changes often leads to an increase in bone fragility and lowered bone strength.

How to Build Strength & Prevent Osteoporosis with Exercise Band Training

Using resistance bands has shown a way to improve the symptoms linked to osteoporosis. Here is more information about this disease and how a resistance band can help people over 60.

Understanding What Osteoporosis Is

Osteoporosis is a condition that is characterized by a decrease in the collagenous bone matrix which is organic and inorganic minerals. Both these components result in an increase in bone loss and diminished bone formation. This disease is also among the most common when it comes to metabolic bone diseases.

Osteoporosis is a metabolic disease that is divided further into two broad categories, which include a primary category and a secondary category.

The primary is a more common version of osteoporosis, which includes post-menopausal osteoporosis and senile osteoporosis. The 3 broad causes include being idiopathic, senile, and postmenopausal. The secondary category references endocrine disorders which include:

– Hyperparathyroidism
– Hypogonadism
– Hypothyroidism
– Acromegaly
– Prolactinoma
– Cushing’s syndrome
– Diabetes type 1
– Addison’s disease

How Does Resistance Band Training Help Osteoporosis?

Resistance bands are classified as either elastic bands or instruments that can assist you with fine-tuned strength training. Resistance band training is also commonly used for physical therapy purposes.

This is especially the case for patients with muscular injuries, which also includes patients undergoing cardiac rehab in order to build their strength gradually. Resistance bands also offer an excellent way to strengthen the bones and muscles through exercises that involve pulling against a constraint or force. This allows the resistance to develop which counters a condition such as osteoporosis as regular and constant exercise can help to reduce the likelihood of this condition to a much greater extent.

Here are a few exercises and ways that resistance band exercises can be used to combat osteoporosis.

A resistance band falls under a category known as “resistance exercises” which provides a way for people that have osteoporosis to experiment with their power and strength using a force that allows for the development of muscle and bone. The movements used create gradual and small overload reactions on the bones and the muscles.

This results in stronger muscles that start to pull harder and with more force on your bones during exercise sessions. This type of pulling action naturally stimulates the skeleton into building bones in the body along with halting or slowing down bone loss as you start to get older.

Here are a few benefits linked to resistance band training:

– Improves muscle tone and strength to provide protection to your bones and joints.
– It helps with maintaining balance and flexibility which can help you to stay independent when you get older.
– It can also assist with your muscle-to-fat ratio and to manage your weight.
– It can helo with improving balance and improved mobility.
– Results in increased stamina for most individuals.
– It can help to improve your posture.
– It lowers the risks of injuries as your bones will become stronger.
– Increases self-esteem.
– It can help you to achieve a peaceful night’s sleep as your joints and bones won’t be hurting as much.

Studies and research have discovered that using resistance band exercises can assist with developing muscles that are stronger. These muscles then pull a lot harder on your bones while you exercise which will lead to improving your bone density over time. It is important to start with slow and small exercises and slowly increase the intensity of your workouts as your body gets stronger and used to these training sessions.

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